Objects & Our Surroundings

"If I had no appetite for risk, I wouldn’t know you. I’d work my 8 AM to 8 PM job, marry the woman my mother loves, make a modest living, drive a small car, and live in a one-bedroom apartment in the suburbs with my stay-at-home wife. I'd tell my children not to engage in entrepreneurial activities or extracurriculars; to focus on school instead. Because escaping destitution with a guarantee is better than wealth with uncertainty.
My annual trips would be to see family somewhere we call 'back home.' We'd sit around in a living room with old dusty chandeliers, order sweets from a nearby shop, and all my aunts would ask me what it’s like outside the small bubble they've lived in their whole lives. This is the story of my father and mother.
And I love them, but I'm nothing like them."
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