They have been providing humanitarian support in the region since 1986 and are currently assessing the needs of those impacted by the ongoing conflict.

Non-religious organization actively providing emergency relief. They have delivered thousands of IV solution bags, food parcels, water, and hygiene kits to displaced families. As of 2 April 2024, "Anera is Pausing Gaza Operations Amid Rising Threats and Attack on WCK."

UNHCR (United Nations)
They respond to emergencies providing both immediate relief and sustainable support for displaced refugees, including cash assistance and education. (UNHCR is legitimately affiliated with the United Nations and directly supports its mission to aid refugees worldwide.)

Partnering with Al Ahli Hospital, they are providing emergency support, recruiting additional staff, and sourcing essential supplies.

Legitimacy: Partial Accreditation from Better Business Bureau & Charity Watch
They donate medical supplies to hospitals and health facilities, including running medical programs and reconstructive surgery programs.

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