Operating in the realm of alternative R&B, sobhhï's earworm melodies and moody, nocturnal production have earned him comparisons with celebrated artists such as Frank Ocean, The Weeknd, and Drake. The distinctively mysterious Dubai-based vocalist, songwriter, and producer stands out as intelligent: composing his first arrangement at age 7, graduating high school at 16, and enrolling in a graduate program at the University of Chicago by age 21, where he studied applied mathematics at the doctoral level. Writing every lyric; thoughtfully composing each track, drawing on his music-theory background; and engineering and mixing each recording; the artist describes his creative process as “detail-oriented...equal parts intellect and emotion.”    

sobhhï announced his arrival as an artist in November 2017 with the 5-track RED I EP, a collection of wildly imaginative nighttime R&B, featuring cleverly impactful arrangements interwoven with subtle transitions and asides. The release’s spellbinding allure captivated listeners, putting it into the iTunes top 200 for the R&B genre—a remarkable feat for an indie artist. sobhhï will follow this EP up with a series of carefully crafted and themed EPs, expanding on the color-palette motif, and exploring dreamy R&B, rugged hip-hop, and bedroom soul. These EPs will be titled RED II, PURPLE I, and WHITE I, and issued throughout 2018.